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Choosing Faith over Fear

In the Grip of Fear Have you ever felt held back from doing something you really wanted to do because of fear? I’ll be honest and say I have. In Numbers 13 and 14 we have an example of the tragic and devastating consequences of lives yielded fear. Fear wreaks havoc. In fact in this story,

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Confronting Fear (Dealing with the Bully named Fear Part 2)

We’re having beautiful warm summer weather at the moment; so very early this morning I thought I’d take my coffee and sit outside in the garden, look at the sea and make the most of it. Well, I got to the back door, full coffee cup in hand when suddenly – cue thriller music –

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Dealing With the Bully named Fear (Part 1)

Picture this scenario: 7-year old Johnny starts his first day at a new school. He’s feeling shy; unsure of himself – not quite knowing where he’s supposed to go, what the rules are in this school that’s so much bigger than his last one. He is presently trying to find the school office to pay

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