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My shop is a mix of hand stamped/engraved jewellery made from up-cycled vintage watches that I have stripped down & used every part possible of to create quirky & unusual ‘Neo-Victorian’ style jewellery, otherwise known in fashion circles as ‘Steampunk’. There’s a reason I use vintage watches and recycled industrial materials apart from the fact that I love the look. Taking a broken, discarded old watch & giving it a new life as something beautiful reminds me of what Jesus does in a life surrendered to a Him. Isaiah 61:3 – “he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair…”
‭‭In this modern world of ambiguity, Miss Maisie’s Wee Shop is unashamedly Christian in ethos. Even pieces in my shop that are not engraved with Bible verses and immediately recognisable as “Christian Jewellery”, still carry a special message/ prophetic element.

If you don’t find what you are looking for I also take custom orders. Jill 💜


Large Steampunk Butterfly Pendants – £42

These have been Miss Maisie’s Wee Shop’s biggest seller. Featured in British Vogue Magazine in Spring 2014, these butterfly pendants, each completely one unique, are made from vintage & antique watches.  Steampunk Butterfly 


For Such a Time as This – ‘Esther Necklace’. £20 plus postage

Made from a vintage gentleman’s watch face set in resin and hand stamped discs. For better photos, longer description or to details buy this necklace, cluck the blue-highlighted link below. (No need to worry that this will take you to “checkout” or that you might accidentally buy the necklace, it’s simply a link to the item within my Etsy shop)



Not by Might, Nor by Power (but by My Spirit says the Lord) Handmade/Engraved Necklace £20 plus postage.

To read the description of this handmade prophetic-art necklace, view better photos or to purchase, click the blue-highlighted link below. (Don’t worry, this will not take you to “checkout”, so you will not accidentally purchase anything, it is simply a link to the item in my Etsy Shop)

Not by Might/Power



“He Makes Everything Beautiful In It’s Time” £26 (plus postage)

A quirky pendant, made from a silver tone butterfly shaped bezel with a hand painted background, various vintage mechanical watch movement parts including tiny pieces of the original vintage watch face and then covered with a clear resin. The resin has slightly magnifying properties.

All my butterfly pendants are based on Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He (God) makes everything beautiful in its time..”Someone said something recently that really struck a chord with me, and it was that the caterpillar doesn’t become a butterfly. It always was a butterfly. It just grew wings and grew into what God had planned for it all along.
The watch used to make this was vintage. “Discarded” by its previous owners because it no longer worked. It now has a whole new lease of life as something far more beautiful than an everyday, practical gents watch.
An encouraging gift for a friend or even just for yourself, to remind you that God a HAS purpose for you, even if it doesn’t seem like it right now.
The pendant measures 25x22mm and comes on a silver plated chain of approx 18 inches. I’m happy to add a longer/shorter chain where requested.
For better photos, postage details or to buy this necklace click the link below, which will take you to my Etsy Shop. (This is not “checkout”, you will not accidentally purchase the item, it’s just a link to the item) 👇🏻

Eccl 3:11 small/yellow/ steampunk