My Book: A Mustard Seed Life

When God called Moses, He asked him the question, “what’s in your hand?” All Moses had in his hand was an ordinary, everyday shepherds’ staff; but surrendered in faith to the God of miracles, that staff became the staff of God! Jesus said that all that is required to move mountains is faith the size of a mustard seed. He also said; “without me you can do nothing.” ‘

On the back cover, I have described ‘A Mustard Seed Life’ as a series of daily-devotional style studies and thoughts, with a theme for each week, covering a six-month period. While this remains true, and the book is set out so that a portion can be read each day, it could actually be read as ‘just a regular book,’ not necessarily as a daily devotional.
Through the book, we delve into some well known stories of ordinary people in the Bible who became God’s movers and shakers; and remind ourselves of what happens when ordinary people put their faith in an EXTRAORDINARY God! I hope that as you read the topics that I have only lightly covered, you will be enticed to deeper study. And it is my sincere prayer that, as you daily immerse yourself in the Word of God your heart and mind will be awakened to His presence; your ears opened to your Shepherd’s voice. May you be refreshed and strengthened in your daily walk with God.

To Purchase:
The book is available in paperback or ebook format; just make your selection in Amazon, wherever you live. 💜

53FB9C77-E9E3-4B2F-B3CD-CCFD4BAC8F27 users click here. A Mustard Seed Life, Kindle Edition

The book is available in both paperback and ebook format.
The ebook has a convenient clickable index, search box, (useful if you remember later something you read in a book and what to look it up, but can’t remember exactly where it was. You just type a word or phrase into the search box and it will do the work for you.) It has translation into many languages, by simply highlighting a paragraph – great for those who can read English but sometimes struggle with some words or phrases. And all those other handy little extras that ebooks offer!
Personally, I like a hard copy of a book, so that I can scribble little notes and underline bits in it.

53FB9C77-E9E3-4B2F-B3CD-CCFD4BAC8F27 users click here. A Mustard Seed Life