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Anna McAllister.    Anna is the author of the book “I have given you everything’. (Available on Amazon)
She is a wife, mother of four, grandmother, and above all, Daughter of The King; with a wealth of life experience in walking with Him, which gives her writing a raw vulnerability interlaced with humour. I enjoy her style of writing and I know readers of Mustard Seed blog will too. Anna wrote a post for Mustard Seed Blog in September. I look forward to one from her later this month.                                                                       Anna’s Posts: Busy,  Busy,   Busy          September 2017




Lance Gower
Lance is a husband, father of three, gifted speaker and mature Bible College student, with a passion for sharing Jesus Christ with others. Lance wrote a post for Mustard Seed Blog in November and I look forward to receiving another one from him soon! 
Lance’s Posts:
Purpose in The Following         November 2017