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The Extremely Expensive god Vs The One True (Free) God

The other day evening my hubby and I were watching a programme we like on TV called Antiques Road-trip. Antiques dealers compete against each other to buy antiques and then sell them at auction. The profits are donated to charity. In this particular episode, one of the dealers bought a hideous looking bronze Hindu god

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God’s Radical Kingdom Generosity

Generosity – A Reflection of God’s Heart Generosity is God’s nature – it’s who He is. God is the lavish provider of every good and perfect gift. That’s His Heart. His radical, Kingdom generosity has nothing to do with our pedigree, postcode, position, or what we think we have to offer and everything to do with His

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God Knows (He is Omniscient)

I often hear people say, as a throwaway comment, “God knows”.  For example; “God knows how long I’m going to have to wait in this queue.” It sounds strange, even profane to my ears, in the context of a TV program or a movie. This started me thinking last night; do people realise what they’re

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