Book Reviews

I bought this book in 2014 and have read it at least twice. It’s not a ‘light read’, but don’t get me wrong, I mean this in the most complimentary way. It’s ‘weighty’, ‘meaty’ and rich in Biblical truths. A treasure. As with any Bill Johnson books I’ve read, every chapter is broken down into sections with very clever, thought provoking headings, that both draw you in and cause you to think. These headings break the book down into bite size portions; enabling the reader to slowly digest, section by section. It’s a style of writing I really enjoy. If you choose to buy the book, don’t try to rush through it. You may find you want to, because it’s hard to put down! But resist the urge; savour each well written chapter as I believe it was written – prayerfully! Read this Book If: You long to learn how to partner with God in the world of the supernatural. Particularly if you belong to a church that does not facilitate or teach on this. Jill 💜