God Will Complete The Work He Began in You

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

Philippians 1:6

Are you at the beginning stages of something — some dream that you just know, deep down, is from God? Planting a new church, embarking upon a new ministry, stepping out in faith into what God has called you to? It can get discouraging at times, when things seem to be taking forever to get started.

Perhaps the above doesn’t apply to you, but you just generally find your day-to-day Christian life a struggle.

At the time of writing his letter to the church at Philippi, Paul was in prison. Never one to wallow, Paul continued his ministry wherever and whenever possible, and prison was no exception. This church had partnered with Paul through their friendship and financial support in his spreading of the gospel, and as Paul thought of them he was filled with gratitude.

From The First Day (Verse 5)

This is significant. They didn’t wait to see whether or not they were “backing a winner,” they were behind Paul from day one, supporting, blessing and encouraging him. Perhaps it was that they recognised the work as “a good work,” the work of God and not merely the work of Paul.

God Will Complete The Work

It brought brought Paul joy to pray for the Philippians. And as he thought back to the day God’s work had begun amongst them, it would seem that right there in prison, God encouraged Paul’s heart by reminding him that there would come a day when that work would be complete. And so, Paul went on to write those timelessly encouraging words, expressing his confidence in God’s ability to complete the great work he (God) had begun in them that one significant day.

Paul had this confidence because he knew that it was God who had begun the [good] work, and God completes what he starts, he doesn’t leave things half done. Even when things go awry because of our attempts to take control, God has this incredible way of shaping and creating something wonderful. Remember the Potter’s wheel in Jeremiah 18?

You can know with absolute confidence that God will complete the good work he began in you.

The good work he began on the day you said yes to following Jesus will be complete on the day of Jesus’ triumphant return.

The good work he began in you the day he called you out of your comfort zone and you, in faith, obeyed.

God began it, not you. God will complete it, so you can stop striving, draw close to him and rest in that knowledge.

Jill 💜

6 thoughts on “God Will Complete The Work He Began in You

    1. Thank you Gary. I noticed that agapanthus bud in my garden the other day and had photographed it for my gardening blog, and then the more I thought about it, the more that scripture in Philippians came to mind. I’m always amazed by how the Lord catches our attention through the little, everyday things like that.😊

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