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My newest book: Faithful One (The God Who Keeps His Promises) released in April of this year today, is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle version. For a limited time only it is on offer at an 18% discount in the U.K.

(Amazon chooses where and when to do these promotions, so I do apologise to readers elsewhere if it is not discounted in your country)

Jill 💜

About the book:

God is faithful. His faithfulness is woven into the very fabric of his nature. All reality: creation and redemption rests on this solid foundation. We see the faithfulness of God throughout the Bible, as over and over again we read accounts of God providing, rescuing, healing and blessing his people; his promises made and kept. As he was faithful in ancient times, God is faithful today.

In addition to God’s unwavering faithfulness to his people, God is faithful to his Word, the Bible. If he has said he will do something, we can be assured that he will do it. He always accomplishes his plans and finishes everything he begins.

It is God’s faithfulness to his Word that this book is focused upon, specifically a promise God made as far back as the Garden of Eden. We see echoes ~ little glimpses of this promise all through the Old Testament, woven like a beautiful thread of hope through every battle, human plot and scheme, tragedy and triumph. God’s unstoppable plan continued to faithfully work out, just as he had promised, until it came to fruition in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ.

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