The Lord Saw….

The following is a tiny snippet from my new, second book, “Faithful One,” celebrating the faithfulness of God…..publishing date to be revealed very soon!

The Lord saw:

One cannot read the story of Jacob and these two sisters without feeling compassion for both women. Rachel, the beautiful one whom Jacob truly loved, whose longing for a child made her jealous and spiteful towards her more fertile sister. And Leah, the one deemed less attractive, married to Jacob only because her father had tricked him into it, who longed only for her husband’s affection.

Every time Leah gave birth to another son, she clung with all her hope to the idea that perhaps this new heir would cause Jacob to love her.

But although she produced one heir after another, Jacob only had eyes for his Rachel.

As we read Leah’s story in Genesis 29 – 30, her loneliness and unhappiness is tangible as it grows.

Leah’s story resonates in the heart of every person who has ever felt passed over, ignored, unseen or unloved while someone else seems to be unduly showered with favour.

But what Leah had no way of knowing then was that she was part of a wonderful plan. God’s plan.

God had not forgotten Leah. He had seen her deep unhappiness, and the longing of her heart. He had seen how she had been treated, and he had compassion on her.

These words, at the start of Genesis 29:31 reveal something about God’s love; how he graciously pursues, and seeks to draw us to himself.

“When the Lord saw that Leah was not loved, he enabled her to conceive….”

And here we will leave Leah, and the book excerpt for now. Until soon.

Jill 💜

*note: since the writing of this article the book: Faithful One, the God who keeps his promises, has been published. The highlighted link above is for UK Amazon users, but the book is available on Amazon worldwide. 💜

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