A Stone in My Shoe

“…let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.” Hebrews 12:1  

Yesterday morning my hubby David and were out for our walk, (which we’re allowed once a day while our country is still in lockdown.) It was a beautiful Spring day, and I couldn’t wait to see what new Spring flowers had come up, and new buds had appeared on the trees.

We hadn’t gone very far, before I started to notice something slightly uncomfortable in my right shoe. A tiny stone. It seemed too much bother to stop, take my shoe off and shake the stone out, so I kept walking, pausing to let the dogs sniff here or there, chatting away to David.

The stone started to niggle a bit more. On some level my mind, or rather, the sole of my foot – registered that it was sharp and was starting to dig into my skin. Still, I kept walking, talking, taking photos of scenery.

Subconscious though the decision was, I had made the choice to walk, or rather limp, hindered and hurting, when I really didn’t have to. All it took in the end, was for me to say to David, “can we stop for a moment?”
Leaning on David, I took my shoe off, and shook that sharp stone right out. Thirty seconds later I was off again, walking smoothly and unhindered.

Don’t ignore even the tiniest ‘stone’ in your shoe:
In those seconds, the Lord grabbed my attention! He reminded me that my walk with Him is just like that.

That tiny stone in my shoe, hurting my sole – resulted in a heart-search regarding a little ‘stone’ I had been tolerating that had been hurting my soul.

That teeny stone becomes a stumbling stone
Frequently, as we go through life, we can pick up a tiny ‘stone’, whatever form it may take ~ a ‘wayward’ thought, offence, unforgiveness, harsh words, fear, doubt (you can fill in your own blanks). It starts as a niggle; it seems too much effort to deal with something so small and trivial. Then, as you try to ignore it and keep walking, you find yourself limping, hindered, hurting, and eventually stopped in your tracks.

We’re especially susceptible now, while we have so much extra time to think, while we’re not occupied at our usual places of work, and family members get on each other’s nerves as we’re all locked-down together.

And all it takes, is simply stopping, right there and then, and repenting – a word so often avoided these days – (it really just means turning and walking in the opposite direction to which you were headed.) No more stones in your shoe, and you continue to can ‘run the race’ unhindered.

Jill 💜

2 thoughts on “A Stone in My Shoe

    1. They do don’t they? Funny how we can go out and spend fortunes on all sorts of electronic equipment or computers for educating ourselves, and then the Lord uses something as ordinary as a stone, a branch or something similar to teach us the profoundest lessons. 😊


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