12 Christian Books to Read During Lockdown!

Wondering what to do during ‘lockdown’ or self isolation? Here are TWELVE Christian book recommendations to whet your appetite! Click on the links below to visit each one for more details or to purchase…

*Please note that these are listed in no particular order….this is not meant to be a “top” or “best” list, each book is unique in it’s own way, and there are hundreds of wonderful Christian authors out there. 🌺

How to Find Your Gratitude Attitude. A 21-Day Devotional By Aminata Coote 
Moving Forward. Inspiration for the go-getter Jesus Girl. By Christa Hutchins
The Heart that Heals. By Patsy Burnette
Breakfast With Jesus. 100 Devotions for kids about the life of Jesus. By Vanessa Myers
Victory Over Affliction: 30 Days of Mindset Challenges to Motivate You. By Wendy Wallace
How do You Read Your Bible? A Refreshing Guide to Reading the Bible. By Emily Darnell
A Mustard Seed Life. What happens when ordinary people put their faith in an extraordinary God? By Jill McIlreavy
Steadfast. A Weight Loss Guide to banish yo-you dieting in 5 steps. By Angela Johnson
Downpour. Learning from Life’s Storms. By Cheyenne Hasty 
So You Wanna Be a Stay at Home Mom? By M.Rose Barnett
Victorious. Finding Triumph When Hope Seems Lost. A Bible study on the book of Esther. By Cathy McIntosh 
Hedge of Protection. A Counterfeit Covering. Why I stopped praying the hedge of protection and what I now pray instead. By Johanna Henderson  

I hope you found something to your liking! I will create another list like this soon.

Jill 💜


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