Beauty in unexpected places:
David and I had a lovely walk this morning, and we found beauty in some of the most unexpected places – gorgeous wild blooms among stinging nettles, bright daffodils, standing tall & strong despite the predicted cold weather next week, tiny, delicate little flowers in the shadows of the hedges, and tiny buds of green leaves on those dry, stick-like hedgerows……

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As the children of God, we are created to grow and to THRIVE, whatever our surroundings, even in the face of predicted “poor weather.” We can stand tall and strong, rooted and grounded in the love of our faithful God.

Jill 💜

10 thoughts on “Thrive!

      1. Yes 🥰 My heart took encouragement from looking at them. Maybe that’s why Jesus told us to “consider the lilies of the fields” 💕 They just keep doing what He designed them to do, no matter what.

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