My Book : “A Mustard Seed Life”


A Mustard Seed Life. (What happens when ordinary people put their faith in an Extraordinary God?

My brand new book “A Mustard Seed Life” is available now and 👇🏻


When God called Moses, He asked him the question, “what’s in your hand?” All Moses had in his hand was an ordinary, everyday shepherds’ staff; but surrendered in faith to the God of miracles, that staff became the staff of God! Jesus said that all that is required to move mountains is faith the size of a mustard seed. He also said; “without me you can do nothing.” ‘A Mustard Seed Life’ is a series of daily-devotional style studies and thoughts, with a theme for each week, covering a six-month period. We will delve into some well known stories of ordinary people in the Bible who became God’s movers and shakers; and remind ourselves of what happens when ordinary people put their faith in an EXTRAORDINARY God!

Jill 💜

PS: **After an initial shaky start with a misprint 😳😲 my book is now fixed and back on Amazon. My sincerest apologies to those who purchased it in those first two days – you will have received a perfectly lovely cover with a “book final draft” inside (printed at the top of each page) If this was you, please return it to Amazon for a refund. So far I have managed to trace all but two buyers.


      1. perhaps you should make plans on how to write guides for your book.A sort of explanations of the contents.
        “look it all about wellbeing”_so you can come up with guides like those that exist for litetature books and the bible at large

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