Faith Versus Fear!

Are you facing a situation in your life that seems hopeless?
I was reading the story in Mark 5:35-43 of a seemingly hopeless situation. Jairus, a leader in the synagogue had a gravely ill daughter. He went looking for Jesus to ask him to come and heal his daughter. We pick up the story at verse 35: “While He was still speaking, some people came from the synagogue official’s house, saying [to Jairus], “Your daughter has died; why bother the Teacher any longer?” Overhearing what was being said, Jesus said to the synagogue official, “Do not be afraid; only keep on believing [in Me and my power].”

Why Bother?
Why bother? Isn’t that so often the destructive little thought that niggles away at the back of our minds when things are beginning to look hopeless? You don’t get a situation more hopeless than the person you long to see healed dying! If I close my eyes for a moment- put myself in Jairus’ position – as a parent I can only imagine that fear, like a bucket of ice water, dousing his faith as he hears those words. “Your daughter has died” – “why bother….?”

What about that promise you know deep down in your heart that God made to you? Nothing seems to be happening; where you expected to see new life, growth and increase by now still looks to your eyes like tumbleweed town. And the enemy sows that little seed of doubt….”why bother?” “Did God really say?” “That dream has died”.

Why bother? Bother because if God said it, He will do it! He is a Faithful God who keeps His Word. And it’s never over, not ever, until God says so!

Jesus’ Response
Jairus had gone to Jesus believing. His faith must have been shaken by the fearsome news – what parent wouldn’t be shaken by words such as those? Why else would Jesus have said the words to him that silenced those fears “Don’t be afraid. Only keep believing in me.”

We need to take our eyes off that which appears to be dead, and fix them on Jesus, the One who can breathe life and hope into any situation. We need to speak to fear, when it tries to persuade us that ‘it’s over, there’s no point in praying, it’s hopeless’, why bother?’ and tell fear to BE QUIET.

We need to hear the Miracle Worker say to us today “Don’t be afraid. Only keep believing in me.”

Choose Faith – Throw Out Fear!
Jesus put the naysayers right out of the house! When we read on in this story, we see that when Jairus and Jesus arrived at the house where Jairus’ daughter lay, they were met by mourners and doubters. And what did Jesus do? He said to them “why are you making a commotion and weeping? ..The child is not dead but asleep”, and then verse 40 tells us “He put them all outside.”
Then Jesus got on with the business of transforming this seemingly hopeless situation!

We can do the same; we have been given the authority to do so. If you have ‘mourners’, doubters and naysayers in your life ‘making a commotion’, weeping and wailing and proclaiming your dream, your God given promise dead, put them outside!!

If we listen to the weeping and wailing, and allow a hopeless, doubt-filled mindset to get hold of our emotions it leaves little room for faith. This is why Jesus put the weepers and wailers outside and why we need to do the same.

When we silence those negative voices and choose faith, it leaves room for Jesus to move. Just watch and see how He speaks new life into those things you thought were dead!!

Will you choose fear or faith today?

Jill 💜


  1. This is such a boost of encouragement to read!! I know I’m in my own waiting period, Seeking Jesus to move. I absolutely have to cling to His promises and faith that He is working to complete a good work!!

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