Decisions Decisions – Part 2 – God Leads Through Practical Circumstances

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In Part 1 we looked at how making major decisions can be likened to landing a plane in a fog, and the first of four “Runway Lights” that I have found helpful in my own decision making “God speaks to us personally”. 

Now, in Part 2 I want to look at “Runway Light number 2: 

God Leads Through Practical Circumstances:

God spoke to Peter and then doors of opportunity started to open for him. You can read the story in  Acts 11:17–33
I’m encouraged by the way it says in verse 17 “while Peter was inwardly perplexed as to what the vision he had seen might mean, the men who were sent by Cornelius, having made enquiry for Simon’s house, stood at the gate”
This reminds me that these great men and women of God weren’t really that different to you and I. I can also a bit slow to understand sometimes! First God had to explain it to Peter 3 times and now here Peter was, still sitting, “inwardly perplexed” about the vision.
But God doesn’t  waste time – He was already on the move – opening doors of opportunity! Peter’s sitting there, stunned; pondering what God had said, “inwardly perplexed” and the men were already at the gate waiting for him, to take him to His God given assignment. Peter obeyed God and went with them.

If God has called you to something, how are the circumstances working out? Does it seem as though you are trying to make it happen?
If God is leading you to do something you won’t have to make it happen. You won’t have to kick the door down; God will open the doors, in His timing.

All God requires is our obedient, faith-filled “yes Lord”, even when we don’t fully understand.

Sometimes, practical circumstances look as though they are not opening up even though you’re sure you’ve heard God. God might want you to take a step of faith. In Joshua 3 we see that when the children of Israel crossed the Jordan River, the water didn’t stop until the feet of the priests got wet. They had to take that step of faith. They had to believe that God had said it and that He would do it!

If God has something planned for you, you can be sure that no one can thwart His purposes and plans. Give Him your faith-filled yes and then trust Him to lead and guide you.

(Part 3 “Confirmation & Guidance from His Word” to follow shortly)

Jill 💜


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