God’s Rest

I’ve done a lot of traveling over the last few days. I’m on a trip with a team from church and we still have a few days left before we head home. All the cities, airports and train stations we’ve passed through seem to blend into one, so that if you fall asleep briefly, you wake up not remembering for a split second which city you’re in now. 

Today I was tired. Sitting on my bed this evening to start writing,  I’m thinking about the word “rest”. 

What is rest?
Rest is a place where I can kick off my shoes – in fact even better, change into my favourite old comfy pjs – and just feel safe to be the real me. 

Spiritually speaking then, when I’m at rest in God’s presence I can feel safe and comfortable in my pjs. I can take off my make up. 

That’s real rest. It’s remembering that in God’s presence we can just be ourselves because we are accepted and loved beyond measure. His presence is our home. 

Rest is a person – it’s The person; Jesus Christ.

Rest is His gift to us, it isn’t something we have to earn.

No matter what is kicking off around us, that place of rest is always available to you and I. 

When we are living out of a place of real rest, we find a peace that is not subject our circumstances. Instead, those circumstances become subject to our peace.

How to rest
Take a moment to quiet yourself before Him. Even if it’s a few minutes in the bathroom to get away from the kids! It’s possible to do this in a crowded room. Just focus on Him, the person Jesus, make yourself aware of His presence. Remind yourself of His promises to renew your strength as you wait on Him, Let His peace start to settle you. 

It doesn’t matter where we are, we can always enter into His rest. 

Jill 💜

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