Grow and blossom where you are planted.

This afternoon my hubby and I had just come out of the shops in our little town and were about to drive away, when I glanced up at the ancient thousand-year old wall that is part of the heritage of our town. There, incongruously, growing out from between the ancient rocks of the wall, was a little plant! 

I just had to get out and photograph it. 


Just Doing What Plants Do! 
For a few weeks I’ve been in a “wilderness season”, so something about that little plant spoke directly to my heart. 

There it was, just doing what plants do – bright green leaves and stem, with pretty pink flowers blooming. Oh and did I mention that in Northern Ireland we’re in the middle of a heatwave and haven’t had rain for weeks? 

Do you think the plant said to the Creator God at any point, “why am I growing out of a stone wall?” Or refused to produce flowers because it didn’t feel the environment was right?

Just Doing What Christians Do! 
You and I are called to bloom right where God planted us – whether it feels to us like a beautiful meadow or a dry, ancient wall. 

If this is you today, remember that God planted you there for a purpose; it wasn’t random, He hasn’t forgotten about you – He’s waiting for you to flourish and bloom right where you are. 

Jill 💜

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