The Unfailing Goodness Of God

I have a vivid memory from when I around 3 years old; my mum was listening to the radio while doing the ironing. I was pestering her with questions; specifically, how did the people fit inside the radio? It baffled my 3-year old brain. I mean, how on earth did they all get in there, along with their guitars and drums and stuff? And was there room to dance about while they were singing? And could they breathe? These were serious questions!

Ornamental Radio?
This morning I was standing in my kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil for my coffee and happened to glance at our attractive looking, retro style radio, that I haven’t so much as switched on for ages. This thought came to me:
Unlike my 3-year old self, I know now that the radio itself can’t actually produce anything. All it is, is a method of delivery; a conduit, a vessel. Until I switch the radio on and tune it to a station, it just sits there, with as much capacity to produce music as the cake tin.
If we forget that fact, we’re giving the radio, which is just a vessel, the credit for what it’s delivering, forgetting the Source – the place the actual signal comes from. It sounds really simplistic, I know – I mean, really; who thinks the radio is the source of the music!?
(No one I hope!) But when it comes to the Goodness of God, the same principle applies.

Two Important Facts (in no particular order) 
Fact 1. Radio transmission exists and continues –whether I choose to acknowledge it by turning on my radio and tuning in, or not. There are radio waves continually being transmitted – in homes, cars, hospitals, places of work – even aeroplanes- across the world; people are being comforted, cheered, soothed, informed and having their thoughts provoked by radio programs.
Whether my radio is switched on or not doesn’t factor into the equation.
Fact 2. God is Good. “For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.Psalm 100:5
See also: Psalm 86:5 Psalm 106:1  1 Chronicles 16:34
God never ceases to be good – whatever my or your current circumstances say to us. Sometimes, especially when things aren’t going according to our own plans and hopes; and when we’re struggling through hard times in life, we struggle to recognise the goodness of God. But does that mean His goodness towards us has stopped? Of course not. It’s impossible.
God does not withhold His goodness. He’s good because it’s His nature. Not only is God good in Himself, but He is good to His children. We can’t earn it. We don’t deserve His goodness; yet He is still good to us anyway. Psalm 23:6 tells us: “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,”

Switched on and Tuned In
Radio continues even when I haven’t bothered, haven’t had time, or haven’t had the inclination to tune in and listen to what used to be my favourite station.
Perhaps, if you aren’t recognising the goodness of God presently, you might want to check whether you’re switched on, tuned in and ready to hear.

God’s goodness is unfailing, His Mercies are new every morning. His Faithfulness endures forever! Whether you and I “tune in” to Him or not- those truths remain!

Ask God to open your eyes this morning and you will see that no matter how dire your situation may seem, or how low you may be feeling, God is, always has been and will always be good.

Jill 💜©
PS: You might have noticed that when you click on the highlighted scripture references, they lead to
This is because Mustard Seed Blog highly advocates the use of Bible Gateway as a Bible study tool, whether you’re just starting out reading the Bible or your Bible is dog-eared and falling apart from use. Bible Gateway offers more than 200 versions of the Bible, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, daily devotionals, blogs and many other interactive resources.


  1. Jill, I appreciate that you used the radio and radio transmission–something commonplace– to write about God’s goodness.That made the concept of the never-ending, always there concept of God’s goodness so easy to visualize. I used to believe my circumstances were an indication of how God felt about me. Thank God, I have grown beyond that. I thank Him that His love is constant, no matter what my circumstances are like. It gives me confidence to face those circumstances.

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  2. You are so right, Jill: “No matter how dire your situation may seem, or how low you may be feeling, God is, always has been and will always be good.” Years ago I started a journal record of God’s faithfulness to our family. There are now over 1200 entries. God IS good even in the midst of stressful circumstances, heavy concerns, and hurtful situations!

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    1. What a lovely idea Nancy! A diary of God’s faithfulness….I’d bet every one of us would be able to report something similar to your story were we to take the time, as you have. 💕


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