Waiting For God To Move?

I was talking to a young man yesterday, who loves The Lord, wants to serve Him and learn how to hear His voice more clearly. The young man said to me “I’m waiting for God to move in my life”

We spoke at some length’, I prayed with him, and we said our goodbyes (until later)

I woke up this morning and The Lord said to me “I want you to tell that young man that I am waiting for HIM to move”

That simple phrase, turned around, had an impact on me too.

We say it so often as Christians, don’t we? “I’m waiting for God to move”, or “Please come and move God” and I believe, God says to us:

“You move. Trust me. Step out in faith, believing in and standing on and acting upon my Word. And then wait and see what I will do!”

Jill 💜


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