Fear Can’t Catch What it Can’t Reach!

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.” Proverbs‬ ‭18:10‬ ‭ESV‬‬

God is our fortress. Our strong tower. We quote this, sing these lines and pray these words often. And they are absolute Truth!

I am very blessed to live in (not that I’m biased or anything 😊) the most beautiful little country in the world. One of the things I love about Ireland is the richness of the history; the ancient relics of old buildings we have, existing alongside our modern ones. Sometimes we get so used to them being there, seeing them in our day to day living, that we forget they’re there.

We have several round stone towers dotted around the country. There has been some debate in historical society circles  regarding what these were used for. When I was at school, we were taught that the monks used them to as a place of refuge and safety when there were Viking raids.  Because the door was halfway up, they would access it via a rope ladder and then pull the ladder up and inside with them. Another theory is that they were simply used by the monks to hide the church’s treasures, in case of raids.  These towers are a bit like the tower in the Rapunzel fairy tale – once safely locked inside, no one from the outside could get in there. I don’t really mind which of those theories is true because either of them resonate with my heart, when I picture God as that Strong Tower.

The door was really high up, near the top, accessible only by a rope ladder, which they would then pull up after them. No raider was getting in there to torment, torture and destroy.
God is your strong tower! Your place of safety to run into. The place to ‘store your treasure’.

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I love getting together with friends and sharing with each other over a cup of coffee what God is doing in our lives, it boosts my faith and lifts my heart. That's the aim of this blog. There's a story behind it; It was inspired after a friend gave me a single mustard seed, saying ‘that’s all it takes Jill’. What my friend didn’t know was that the very same morning God had reminded me of a promise He'd made to me over 20 years before regarding writing. I took the mustard seed home, planted it and watched it grow from a tiny sapling to a large, flourishing shrub at our front door. Every time I look at it it reminds me that our God is always true to his promises. Jesus lives in and works through his people, every single day. It's good to share what he's doing! I love talking about Him and writing about Him.

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