Extravagant Love..The God of Abundance

On Tuesday of this week I was in a charity shop (I think that’s a ‘thrift shop’ for American readers) when the above photograph caught my eye. It was leaning against the wall, half obscured by other frames. But I could see it was something special and felt my heart start to beat a bit faster as I cleared the other frames out of the way. I stood the picture up on its own and just stood there, looking at it. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Right there in the middle of the busy, noisy shop, I could hear that still, small voice of God, speaking right into my heart. I looked at how the water gushed over the outstretched hands and splashed outwardly, spilling over onto the ground. And God said to me. ‘That’s how I give. And it’s how I give my love to you. I don’t give in a little trickle. I gush, I lavish upon. I Am Abundance personified. I pour out and pour out and pour out until you can’t contain it and it spills over and touches those around you.’Im reminded of that song ‘Pieces’ by Steffany Gretzinger; one of the lines goes ‘you don’t give your heart in pieces’.

Nobody, but NOBODY loves as he does. He is Love.

Thats my Jesus.

Jill McIlreavy

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